Estate Planning

Each client’s estate planning needs are unique. They are also apt to change over time with fluctuations in business, investments, as well as familial circumstances such as marriage, divorce, children, grandchildren, or a tragic event. At JCM, we recognize these variables and we are committed to working regularly with our clients to make sure their estate plans are as finely-tuned and as current as possible. In addition to ensuring that their wealth is distributed as they intend, our services also assist in safeguarding against catastrophic life events.

Our estate planning services include:

  • Wills and inter-vivos trusts
  • Effective use of spousal exemptions and lifetime credits
  • Lifetime gifting programs
  • Family limited partnerships
  • Use of annual giving exclusions
  • Life insurance planning, including insurance trusts and split-dollar insurance
  • Qualified personal residence trusts and other home transfer devices
  • Estate freezes
  • Living wills and other medical decision documents
  • Lifetime powers of attorney in the event of legal incompetence